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 DT Coordinator Sofia Ehrich

Hello my fellow creative people!  My name is Sofia Ehrich.  I live in Santa Monica (best place in the world) right next to the amazing Rachel Kaufman and go to Santa Monica High School.  I am 17 years old, a Creating Keepsakes Teen Talent Search competition runner up in 2011 and I LOVE to scrapbook!  My mom got me into scrapbooking when I was 4.  We would go on family trips and scrapbook memories. When Rachel found out that I loved to scrapbook, she took me out to a crop. Ever since then my passion for scrapbooking has grown, and I’ve learned that I am really into design and pictures.  I also love movies and watching TV.  

My friends make fun of me because IMDB is my favorite app on my phone.  I love, love, love to travel, (you probably noticed from my layouts), I love going to Starbucks and taking walks with my dog, Fawnzy. To me, The Beatles were the greatest band ever and I am marrying Justin Timberlake.  Also, I currently work for Scrapbooking for the Inside Out, I put together the beautiful kits and I very much enjoy using them also. 

 Heather Adams

Hi! I’m Heather Adams. I am an 18 year-old senior in high school, but don't let that fool you; I have been scrapbooking for over three years. I received my first scrapbooking supplies for my 12th birthday, but I didn't actually use it until 2 years later. I enjoy making cards as well as creating layouts. I am very proud to have the title of Creating Keepsakes' Teen Talent Finalist in 2011. I would describe my style as cutesy and clean. I love layering papers-- but making sure that they are even and straight. My ruler gets used often in my scraproom! Patterned paper is my #1 staple, along with twine and buttons. Everyone at school knows me as the "scrapbooker" because I bring my supplies every once in a while and craft in my free time. Besides scrapbooking, I love to swim, ride bikes, bake, and take pictures.

My blog: http://craftyscrapbooker.blogspot.com/

 Jordan Hebl

My name is Jordan Hebl! I am a 16 year old high school student in a small town in Wisconsin. Scrapbooking has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  My mom scrapbooked long before she had me, and she got me hooked on it when I was about 6 years old. I have been enjoying it ever since!

In 2010, I won Creating Keepsake's first ever Teen Talent Search contest. Since then, I have been featured in Creating Keepsakes magazine multiple times. In 2011, I was also featured on the Design Aglow website for a vacation shadow box project.

Other than scrapbooking, I am passionate about photography and travel.  I have been to 14 states as well as Venice, Paris, and London. I hope to have many more travel opportunites as I grow older.

I am so honored to be a part of CreateU, Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's Teen Program!

My blog: http://jordanhebl.blogspot.com/

 Katie Smith

Hi, I’m Katie. I’ve been scrapbooking since I was little, and have fallen in love with scrapbooking and other crafts over the years. Recently I have been published in multiple Creating Keepsakes Magazine issues, and was a runner up and finalist in both the 2011 and 2010 Creating Keepsakes Teen Talent Contests.

I love to scrapbook my travels and events, but I also scrapbook everyday moments and journal them. Being a part of CreateU, Scrapbooking from the Inside Out’s Teen Program has helped me scrapbook and write out my feelings more than I did before.

 Andrea Ratcliff

Hello! I am Andrea Ratcliff, I am 20 yrs old. I am originally from Kentucky and currently living in the great Pacific Northwest near Puyallup, WA with my boyfriend of 2 years. I am currently a full time student and blogger. I have been involved with scrapbooking for 10 years.  I got into scrapbooking when I tagged along to a stamping up party with my mom and I have been hooked ever since. When I was younger I would journal and take pictures of my life so I would not forget the things I was doing and going through, which made scrapbooking second nature to me. From that point on scrapbooking gave me a passion for recording my life.

In the beginning I started with very little and learned how to maximize my purchases and get the biggest impact for minimal cost. I would describe my style as clean designs that have a little bit of an eclectic feel. I also like to focus on emotion and the story the photo represents by integrating color and texture. I want to remember the good and the bad experiences of life. The parts of life that I struggled with that shaped me into who I am today are part of my art.

My other love is photography which goes hand in hand with my scrapbooking. Photography allows me to capture in time what I want to express through my scrapbooking.  I feel so honored to be a part of this design team. It is my hope and desire that through my pages I will inspire you to document your life and experiences.

My blog: http://scrapinandie.blogspot.com/

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